The Addiplast Group’s Beginnings: European Leader in Compounds and Masterbatches

ADDIPLAST GROUP is a French family-owned company created in 1986 by Jean-Paul Chantegraille who relied on his experience as a scientific researcher in a large chemical group to develop a global high-performance offer.

ADDIPLAST GROUP has developed expertise in compound and color masterbatches formulation, manufacturing, flame retardancy, and coloring.

The main markets are : Chemicals, Automotive & Mobility, Electrical, Electronic, Appliances & Energy, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Packaging, Consumer goods and 3D Printing. The production capacity initially amounts to 20,000 tons per year.

ADDIPLAST GROUP has established itself at the international level by relying on its technical support approach from formulation to industrialization with processors.

The research center, named Addiscience®, was created in 2007. Research and innovation work is carried out within this R&D center. The latter gathers engineers, formulators, technicians, doctors in chemistry, colorists, and produces more than 400 formulations per year.

At the beginning of 2013, Denis Chantegraille, then “Materials Engineer and Compounding Expert”, was appointed General Manager in order to bring a new dynamic to the group and develop technological and industrial activities in a transverse manner.

From 2014 to 2015
, the Addikem manufacturing site was created. It is equipped with compounding equipment (extrusion-granulation process) by co-kneaders (2 Buss technology lines) and a co-rotative extrusion line. The activity allows the processing of high-concentration heat-sensitive polymers and fluoropolymers. The production capacity is now 10,000 tons per year. This site becomes a security and backup site for the group’s strategic customers.

In 2018, the second generation is in place, Denis Chantegraille is appointed President of ADDIPLAST GROUP.

2021 will be the year of diversification, as the group acquires a new production site located in Villers-Saint Paul in the Oise region.   

This entity, named ADDICOLOR, benefits from expertise in the development and manufacture of color and functional masterbatches (PE, PP, PA, EVA, ASA, MABS, PBT, PLA, PS, PET, PET-G, ABS, PC, PMMA, SMMA). This new know-how in the fields of compounding (extrusion granulation) and in-line crystallization (PET) reinforces the development strategy of the group.

ADDIPLAST GROUP now has three production sites in France, two research and development centers, 160 employees, and a production capacity of 40,000 t.

Addiplast Group : A global offer in 3 areas of activity


Development of solutions with the leaders of the world petrochemical industry:
Provision of production capacities


Partnership and co-development in the innovation and production of thermoplastic compounds and color masterbatches with customers in the following sectors:
Automotive and Mobility
Electrical, Electronics, Appliances & Energy
Consumer goods
3D printing


Development and manufacture of compounds and masterbatches for specific applications in accordance with customer specifications under our own brands

Addiplast Group is able to transform your needs into compounds or masterbatches thanks to its different technologies.

Twin screw extruders and co-kneaders
Gravimetric feeders for solids of different shapes and densities
Liquid feeders for low and high viscosities
Underwater cutting, ring cutting, water ring cutting.

A selection of technical compounds and masterbatches

Discover our different brands and their specialties. A wide choice for compounds and masterbatches developed especially for you.

Le groupe Addiplast en quelques chiffres.

+ 160

> 40 000 T
of production capacity

> 45
million € in revenue

of total export revenue

A word from the president 

Since its origins, Addiplast Group has been a family business that reflects the values and principles that we put at the center of our priorities every day:

Sense of service
Technological development

Our know-how, our skills and our 36 years of experience are dedicated to the success of your investment projects. We understand your needs and constraints in order to combine them in a relevant way with the latest technologies. These are the challenges that we take up with enthusiasm, ambition and seriousness.

Our permanent investments in innovation (about 5% of our turnover) allow us to develop innovative concepts and reliable and efficient products, perfectly meeting our customers’ needs. 

Polymers from renewable resources, recycled materials, high performance alloys and color masterbatches
The technological development of our extruders, co-kneaders, screw profiles and peripherals.
Our commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (Environmental protection, Social and Ethical model, Responsible Purchasing).

We are convinced that the control of our processes, quality and deployment of our services is an essential lever to meet your expectations, both in terms of our product solutions and the development of future technologies.  

I would like to thank all our customers for the great trust they have placed in us over the years, to underline the incomparable talent of the women and men who make up our group, and to express my gratitude for their imagination and creative ambitions, which generate value for all our partners.

After a remarkable career rich in experience, our group must remain a family business model and continue to strive for excellence through constant progress, particularly in research, to allow each person to express themselves to the fullest and to strengthen trust in all our collaborations.

Let’s design and build your performance together!