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Our approach to sustainable development with Addibio Renew® 

Gamme de compounds, développement durable, Addibio Renew - Addiplast Group

Addiplast Group has opted for a proactive approach in order to anticipate the expectations of its customers, where the use of biobased or recycled polymers is becoming a strategic differentiation axis.  

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the pillars of new developments for a more responsible production.  

With its Addibio Renew ® range, the Addiplast group assists its customers in an eco-design approach by offering compounds that are lighter in fossil-based materials, integrating natural fibers, using recycled materials (Post-Consumer Recycled and Post-Industrial Recycled), bio-sourced or from renewable resources that are suitable for composting and recycling.  

These new materials are rigorously selected and have strict internal approval for both aesthetic and mechanical applications.  

Polyolefin compounds Addilene®

Gamme de compounds polyoléfines Addilene - Addiplast Group

As an expert in the production of compounds, ADDIPLAST offers you ADDILENE® homopolymer and PP copolymer polypropylenes for injection and extrusion.

Compounds filled with talc, mineral, glass fibers, modified elastomers but also aesthetic quality, UV resistant, high temperature resistance, high density are part of our know-how.

Natural, black and colored with RNUR, PSA, RAL, NCS, Pantone and other specific requests are possible for your compound and masterbatches developments.

For your different fields of application:

  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Electrical, Electronics & Appliances
  • Cosmetics
  • Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • Consumer goods
  • 3D-printing

Addiflam® flame retardant compounds  

Gamme de compounds ignifugés Addiflam - Addiplast Group

Addiplast group, European leader in technical specialty compounds, offers you a wide range of flame-retardant materials and the possibility of developing new formulations according to your specifications.  

Several technologies are available, from halogenated compounds in compliance with RoHs to non-halogenated compounds.  

Our laboratory is accredited to test according to UL94 (we have several materials in our range with all colors yellow card), GWIT, GWFI, LOI, CTI, ball test and EN 45545-2.

We can formulate multifunctional materials on any type of polymer transforming up to 330 °C, combining flame retardancy with structural reinforcement, wear resistance, color, electrostatic dissipation, electrical conductivity,  and electromagnetic shielding.  

Additer® range

Gamme de compounds techniques et masterbatches. Additer - Addiplast Group

With the Additer® brand, Addiplast Group offers a wide range of compounds and masterbatches based on styrenics, polycarbonates, (co-)polyesters and acrylates.   

You will find a range of mass-dyed, densified ABS compounds, suitable for metallization and galvanization for the cosmetics and automotive sectors.   

This brand also offers PC-based compounds and ABS/PC combinations that combine the best characteristics of these two polymers;, heat resistance of PC and the bending resistance of ABS, thus offering very high impact resistance.   

PBT solutions with optimized static and dynamic coefficients of friction have been developed by the Addiscience® research center as an alternative to polyacetal (POM). They guarantee flexibility and resistance in sliding and spring functions.  

PBT is also used in a ceramic effect compound, the reference MTI 14017: high gloss, cold touch, metallic tone, high density and good scratch resistance give this material a vintage side, very sought after in cosmetics and tableware as a substitute for porcelain.   

Addicolor site has expertise and equipment dedicated to PET and RPET materials transformation, including a crystallization unit.   

It offers a wide range of products for the food and cosmetics industries in the form of masterbatches or compounds on PET, RPET, PET-G matrix and other (co-)polyesters, styrenics and PMMA.

ESD and semiconductor compounds from Additec® 

Gammes de compounds Additec - Addiplast Group

Are you looking for a thermoplastic material that is antistatic, conductive, or electromagnetically shielded?  

Our R&D team can create a new material that perfectly meets your specifications on demand. Multiple technologies allow us to cover surface conductivity ranges from 13  Ω/cm2 to 100  Ω/cm2. We work on all types of polymers up to 330 °C and combine conductivity with mechanical reinforcement, flame retardancy, coloration, and wear resistance.   

ADDITEC® range also includes polyketone matrices (PK). Without moisture regain, PKs allow the substitution of polyamides, PBT or polyacetals (POM) in the same tools. Their favorable carbon impact compared to these performance materials gives PK a definite competitive advantage. For this reason, ADDIPLAST Group has taken a close interest in it and now has a complete range of products (unfilled, colored, reinforced and fireproofed).  

Addinyl® polyamide compounds range

Gamme de compounds polyamides Addinyl - Addiplast Group

We propose a wide range of polyamide compounds under its ADDINYL® brand: PA6, PA66, PA6.66, PA6.10, PA10.10, PA11, PA12 and PARA (polyarylamide).  

Most of the mechanical and physico-chemical performance functions can be achieved with this range of glass fibers or beads, carbon fibers, mineral filled, mixed fibers and minerals. 

The sectors of activity to which these thermoplastic polyamide compounds are addressed are numerous. We can largely quote the automotive sector, where many references are listed in the manufacturer’s panel for their intrinsic structural properties but also for structural and appearance.

Indeed, in addition to the high-performance material, ADDINYL® compounds serve an aesthetic function for interior and exterior applications that are highly susceptible to Ultraviolet (UV).  The Electrical & Electronics market as well as the building industry are sectors with numerous outlets that we address with this wide range of high-performance materials.  

Polyarilamides reinforced with more than 50% glass or carbon fibers are intended for the substitution of functional parts made of metal today with a significant weight gain. 

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LDPE Masterbatch
Heat stability 300°c,
Light fastness 8
Weather fastness 4-5
Food approval ok


Non loaded PBT compound.

ADDITEC CBI 53081 black 110C

High modulus PP, carbon fibers reinforced, suitable for structural parts, low density for weight saving approach.


PP copolymer compound, mineral loaded, high density, high fluidity.

ADDIBIO Renew PMD 50659

15 % Biobased PP compound with visible natural fibers aspect.

ADDIBIO Renew MJI 57117 black 41

High density green PP compound.