Reactive extrusion, thermoplastics polymers, biodegradable polymers...

Support for research and development projects

Addiscience® is the skills and expertise Research and Development pole.

Addiscience® is committed to technical and cost-effective solutions development for compounds and functional masterbatches through innovation, quality, and research. 

Addicolor is dedicated to innovation, quality, and research of new technical and economic solutions for color and/or functional masterbatches.   

Addiscience®’s primary missions are as follows: 

  • Development of masterbatch and compound formulations  
  • Characterization of composite materials  
  • Production of samples of color masterbatch and thermoplastic compounds  
  • Support to industrialization   

Addiscience® supports each of its customers in their different research and development projects, to study the formulation of a compound or a masterbatch in order to answer a specific request, like subcontracting or tolling requests but also to make the formulation and the process reliable in order to industrialize.   

Technical compound formulation 

Addiscience® scientific expertise in formulation is based on the following fields:  

  • Flame retardancy  
  • Coloration and special effects  
  • Mechanical reinforcement  
  • Functionalization  
  • Lightening  
  • Densification  
  • Eco-design by promoting natural fibers, recycled or bio-sourced polymers, and biodegradable materials from a circular economy perspective. 

On different thermoplastic bases: Polyolefins, Polyamides, Polycarbonate, Polyesters, Styrenic polymers, Heat-sensitive polymers, technical polymers, Polymer alloys, PolyLactic Acid, Fluorinated polymers.  

Addiplast injection and extrusion expertise at your disposal 

Our qualified experts in injection and extrusion assist you during the start-up phase of your projects and the qualification of your products:  

  • Advice on the choice of materials  
  • Design assistance for molds and tools  
  • Development and optimization of molding parameters (part aspects, cycle times, etc.)  

Innovation through participation in collaborative projects

Thanks to its network of scientists, Addiscience® and Addicolor take part in various collaborative projects (European projects) whose main themes are:  

  • Material leightweighting  
  • High performance polymers  
  • Environment protection
  • Functionalization by reactive extrusion  
  • Recycling and circular economy