Composite material characterization


Colorimetry and colorimetric tests  

Our 2 research and development centers have laboratories equipped with light booths, allowing:  

  • Correspondence of the colors: RAL, PANTONE, NCS, color calibration by auto certification by Renault Group & Stellantis 
  • Tints creation, special effects, translucent and appearances: metallic, glitter effect, wood effect.  

Physical and chemical expertise

Our Research and Development centers have a physico-chemical analysis laboratory equipped with:  

  • Fluidimeters (MFR, MVR)  
  • Viscosimeters in solution  
  • Densimeters  
  • Calcination furnaces  
  • KARL FISCHER coulometers for the measurement of moisture content  
  • Thermo-balances for the measurement of volatile matters  
  • KUMAGAWA extractor for analysis of vegetable fibers  


Addiscience® and Addicolor have a thermo-mechanical testing laboratory equipped with:  

  • A conditioning system under controlled atmosphere  
Complementary mechanical analysis:  
  • A room under controlled temperature and hygrometry  
  • HDT
  • A bench for Izod/Charpy impact tests  
  • Softening point (Vicat)  
  • A cold conditioning system  
  • Mass drop test (simulation test IK7 and IK10)  
  • A test bench for flexural modulus measurement  
  • An extensometer for the measurement of Young’s modulus (traction)  
  • Surface hardness  

Fire resistance and fireproofing tests:

Addiscience® has a laboratory for fire test measurements:  

  • Bench for complete UL94 measurements  
  • GWFI and GWIT
  • Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) 

Conductivity measurements and electrical standards: 

Addiscience® has a laboratory for conductivity measurements:  

  • Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) 
  • Surface resistivity  

Elemental, structural and chemical analysis

Addiscience® and Addicolor have a crystallographic functional elemental analysis laboratory with following equipments: 

  • X-Ray fluorescence  
  • FTIR  
  • DSC
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)  
  • Optical microscopy