Addiplast integrates at the heart of its strategy and values the main pillars of CSR to invest more in human capital and environment.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is “the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns by companies into their business activities and their relationships with their stakeholders. “Being socially responsible” means not only fully meeting applicable legal obligations, but also going beyond them and investing more in human capital, the environment, and stakeholder relations.”

The Addiplast Group, a family-owned company with a strong regional presence, has always incorporated the main pillars of CSR into its strategy and values.   

What are the benefits of CSR?

Every year, we commit to undertaking new actions to reduce our environmental impacts and fulfill our social commitments.

To support our efforts and to be part of a continuous improvement process, the group is evaluated each year by the CSR rating agency EcoVadis. This enables us to obtain a rating on the following five CSR pillars:

The environment, social actions and more globally, issues around human rights, ethics, and responsible purchasing.

What are the objectives of a company practicing CSR? 

The objective is to assess the quality of a company’s CSR management system through its policies, actions, and results. The EcoVadis assessment methodology is based on seven founding principles, broken down into 21 CSR indicators.

The rating helps companies track their ethical, environmental, and social practices.

The group currently holds the bronze medal and aims to obtain the silver medal in the coming years.  

ECONOMY: Considering current issues in our business model
Fight against fraud and all forms of corruption to maintain a responsible and ethical business
Guarantee fair practices and respect all stakeholders in business
Ensure the sustainability of the company

ENVIRONMENT: Respecting our beautiful planet
Protecting the environment by promoting the circular economy
Reduce our environmental impact and act for a sustainable development
Respect and renewal of the ISO 14001 certification
Industrial waste management and recycling
Implementation of the “green square” & reduction of energy consumption

SOCIAL: Achieving a balance among all stakeholders
Promote equal opportunities and fight against all forms of discrimination  
Enable employees to develop their skills  
Establish and develop a collaborative CSR approach  
Ensure health and safety, well-being, and quality of life at work,   
Maintaining an excellent quality system  
Welcoming young people with internship and work-study contracts  
Implementing teambuilding for group cohesion  
Motivate teams through “after work” events  

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