Compounds & masterbatches compatible with your 3D printing parts

Our team of engineers in Addiscience® have expertise in formulation which opens the exploration to different properties of your filaments as well as for your 3D printed parts.   

These customized formulations will ensure you: 

  • Customized formulations that meet your needs and specifications
  • Development of compounds & masterbatches samples from 25 to 300 kg based on material grades adapted to 3d FDM (Fused filament fabrication) printing (PETG, PP, PA, ABS, PC-ABS base…)   
  • Development of eco products from recycled technical polymers 
  • Material characterization and coloring for filament design (printability test in 3D FDM printing, qualification of technical sheets, etc.) 
  •  Compounds dedicated to 3D printing designed for the manufacture of 1.75mm (about 0.07 in) and 2.85mm (about 0.11 in) diameter filaments for coloring, material effects, reinforcements, and functionalization 

These compounds allow to obtain new properties on different thermoplastic bases.  

For example, consider the compounds on the following matrices: 

PLA: Antibacterial, home compost  

PHBH PHA PHB: Bio sourced, home compost, biodegradable  

PP: shock/stiffness compromise, self-extinguishing  

PETG: optical, glossy, hardness, shock resistance  

SAN: optical, break resistance  

PET: oxygen barrier, food contact, recyclable  

PC: Transparency, high rigidity  

PC/ABS and PC/ASA: Outdoor UV resistance and application aspects 

PA: Rigidity (at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius) for aesthetic parts, self-extinguishing 

PVOH and bio-based equivalents: Water soluble  

POK: Food contact, rigidity (at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius) for aesthetic parts, self-extinguishing 

Other polymers: Reinforcement, synthetic or natural fibers, effect coloring…  

Filaments manufactured from our compounds have been validated by professional printers with the following characteristics: 

  • Cartesian kinematics machine
  • Mono or bi-extruder filament 1,75 or 2,85mm (about 11.22 in) according to the request and this to satisfy the greatest number  
  • Heating plate with a magnetic and flexible bed 
  • Closed cabinet with passive or active filtration  
  • Heated chamber   
  • 6-micron Z-accuracy  
  • Filament detection  
  • Platen size 300x200x300 for an 18 000 cm3 printing volume 
  • Automatic Z adjustment of the plate  
  • LCD screen  
  • Maximum printing speed: 300 mm (about 11.81 in)/sec 

Our Addiscience® Research & Development center is listening to your needs to develop customized product that meets your requirements as closely as possible.  

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