Functional compounds or masterbatches

Used in dilution or ready to use, the functional grades of Addiplast Group answer different themes such as nucleation, transparency, lubrication, anti-microbial, anti-odor, anti-fogging, anti-static, anti-UV, metallization and chrome-plating, tribology, laser marking aids, processing aids…

These compounds and masterbatches are available on a variety of thermoplastic bases, including polyolefins (polypropylene PP), polyethylene (PEHD, PEBD, PELD, EVA), Styrenics (ABS, SAN, MABS), polyamides, PBT, PMMA, PC, PET, PET G, and others.

These compounds and masterbatches are intended for various transformation processes such as injection, extrusion, thermoforming, extrusion-blowing, calendaring, etc…

Our Addiscience® Research & Development center is ready to listen to your needs and develop a customized product that meets your requirements as closely as possible.  

Product selector for compounds & masterbatches


PA Masterbatch, process temperature reduction (heat-up).


PE Masterbatch, antistatic.


Antistatic PP Masterbatch.


Antistatic Masterbatch PS.


Antistatic PMMA Masterbatch.


Anti block PE Masterbatch.