We want to make your materials lighter and more environmentally friendly

Addiplast Group has developed innovative solutions by reducing the density of its compounds while maintaining mechanical properties like standard materials.  

We offer compounds based on Polyolefins reinforced with natural fibers not derived from food crops, for a weight saving of up to 20% compared to conventional solutions by replacing more traditional reinforcements such as glass fibers or mineral fillers.   

The weight reduction is also accompanied by a reduction of the carbon footprint of the thermoplastic compounds developed in this way. ADDIPLAST Group carries out in-house Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) using software approved by the largest multinationals in various sectors of activity.  

Lightening is widely asked for by transport and mobility in the broad sense. The lighter the vehicle and the more low-carbon materials it is made of, the more it will meet the environmental challenges imposed by governments and the manufacturers themselves.  

Compounds reinforced with non-food plant fibers are intended for the manufacture of structural parts but also for the manufacture of aesthetic parts.

In this last case, there are 2 scenarios: either the vegetable fiber is visible to accentuate the natural aspect of the part, or it is not visible and will allow us to keep the color harmonies of the brands.   

Plant and natural non-food fibers in polyolefin thermoplastics

In the automotive industry, for example, the use of non-food vegetables and natural fibers in polyolefin thermoplastics allow the manufacture of door panels, dashboards, and trunk boards.   

Discover the materials of the ADDIBIO Renew® range and its two products for structural parts approved by car manufacturers: ADDIBIO Renew® GJI 53116 (P/E NF30) and GEI 53002 (P/E recycled NF30) as well as the following references for the realization of aesthetic parts: ADDIBIO Renew® GEI 52009 mass colored in light colors, ADDIBIO Renew® GEI 52067 mass colored in dark colors, and ADDIBIO Renew® GEI 52151 mass colored with visible natural fibers.  

Our Addiscience® Research & Development center is ready to listen to your needs and to develop a customized product to meet your requirements.  

Learn about the ADDIBIO Renew® materials. 

Product selector for compounds & masterbatches

ADDITEC® CBI 53081 black 110C

High modulus PP, carbon fibers reinforced, suitable for structural parts, low density for weight saving approach.

ADDIBIO Renew® GJI 52066

Biobased thermoplastic compound with natural fibers (not coming from food resources) for injected parts, low density, high modulus & high temperature resistance.


High modulus PA compound reinforced with carbon fibers, particulary suitable for structural parts, low density for weight savings approach.


PP compound 30% natural fibers, impact modified.


Recycled PP coumpound 25% natural fibers.


Compound loaded with a 20 % of Natural Fibers.