The green square is launched at Addiplast Group!

This initiative is proposed by the CPIE (Centre Permanent d’Initiatives à l’Environnement). This center is recognised by the French state and by the ministry in charge of sustainable development. The CPIEs are present in the different regions of France to propose actions in favour of the environment to companies.

Why the green square?

In order to take part in the project, Addiplast has defined a dedicated area in its grounds. Thanks to the intermediary of the company’s environmental manager, Jérôme Bouchet, supported by the Chairman, Denis Chantegraille, the green square was created. The CPIE intervenes after its establishment to raise the awareness of employees to the notions of biodiversity, the functioning of ecosystems and their preservation.

This is an opportunity to observe the species present and to understand the challenges of sustainable development. The objective of this intervention is to raise awareness of the fact that everyone can set up a biodiversity patch at home. Everyone can therefore take part in protecting the environment at their own level. This helps to raise our awareness of the impact of ordinary practices (use of weed killers, fertilisers, pesticides…). In the future, the aim is for people to turn to alternative practices that protect the environment.

An environmental commitment

To ensure that the green space is used properly, the company is also comitted to respecting a number of requirements. This space is reserved for nature and is never used for commercial purposes. No human intervention takes place (watering, pesticides, fertilizers…). This will continue until the mowing, which is scheduled for the end of summer 2021. The fauna and flora can therefore settle there freely.

Through its green square, Addiplast Group is showing its support for the preservation of our ecosystem and water quality, for reducing soil sealing and for welcoming biodiversity in industrial zones. The company is pursuing its environmental commitment through this meaningful project and is thus consolidating its CSR procedures with Ecovadis.